Sittin’ at work bored watchin’  Tekken 6 fights

This guys is pretty ballin with Asuka


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Wait, what.

Well, I can’t speak for many other turbo guys around. But, I’ve always been told to avoid Turbo lag like the plague (I would think this would be impossible, since it has to start to spool somewhere). “Turbo lag is BAD, BAD, BAD” they would tell me. So, naturally having this engraved into my brain, I pretty much thought to stay away from anything bigger than a T2 flange for the SR. You know, cuz it spools fast, you make decent power, and it keep the lag to minimum.This is Ideal, right?

But then I thought, “why do I see little Hondas running 60mm turbos boasting about 500+hp, and I’m wondering if that shit will even spool or when it hit boost. Probably not until 6,000Rpms; yup, that sounds about right. Sounds bad, but that’s only in first gear. What? yea, only in first. Think about it. Watch the next time you do some spirited driving and shift gears how much you rpms drop. it won’t be down to 3,000 or lower. If your Honda or whatever car it is doesn’t hit full boost until 6,000rpms. but , you start tappin’ at like 9,000, your probably not going to go below 6,000 between shifts. Boost will be present – it’s not like you’re going back down to zero. right, but it’s still bad, because people can get u in first gear, but chances are you knew that when you but the turbo on and had not intention of racing people from a dig. Or maybe you did and put an anti-lag or a two step on it. so, why is turbo lag so bad again?



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ehhhh, yea…smooookkee

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still sittin’ :-/

Meh, at least it looks good…

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Poke, Poke, Poke, Poke, Poke….


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